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Study Materials for UKG


Book:  English Pre - Primer by Versatile Publication , Written:  Book pages 3 to 17

                  Vowels,  Use of a/an,   Sound of A  Sound of E Fruits Name

                  Dictation words Picture Names,

Essay- Myself 1-5 lines

Oral:-  Fruits Name

                Sound of A  Sound of E

    Reading page 12, 13, 16, 17and according to written syllabus

Essay - Myself
1. I am a boy/ girl.
2. My name is ___.
3. I am six years old.
4. I read in U.K.G class.
5. I live in Dinanagar.


Book:- Mathematics Primer by Versalite Publication

Forward Counting - 101 to 200

Backward Counting - 50 to 1

Addition Table – 6 o 7

Number Names – 1 To 15

What Comes After, Before, Between 1 to 20

Addition Sums – Single Digit

Shapes Name – Circle, Triangle

Book Pages – 3 to 18

Oral:- According to written syllabus

Number Names

1- One
2- Two
3- Three
4- Four
5- Five
6- Six
7- Seven
8- Eight
9- Nine
10- Ten
11- Eleven
12- Twelve
13- Thirteen
14- Fourteen
15- Fifteen



Book :– Funny Bunny Rhymes by mind maker publication

Page No.:- 4, 6, 8, 10


Book:- My First Picture Book by Jiwan Book

Page No.:- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,


1.      How do you greet your elders?

We greet our elders with respect.

2.      How do you wish your teacher in the morning?

We wish him/her “Good morning, teacher”.

3.      How will you wish bye to your uncle/aunt?

We say “Good bye, uncle/aunt”.

4.      What do you say when you want something?

We say, “Please give me…………………………………”.

5.      Do you pray before eating food?

Yes, I pray to God before eating food.

6.      How should we keep ourselves clean?

We should take bath daily to keep ourselves clean.

7.      How should we take care of our nails?

We should cut our nails regularly.

8.      How should we take care of our teeth?

We should brush our teeth daily.

9.      How should we take care of our eyes?

We should wash our eyes with cold water.

10. How should we keep our school clean?

We should throw the waste things into the dustbin.

11. How should we keep our home clean?

We should keep the things in proper order.

12. When should you have a head wash?

After 2-3 days, we should have a head wash.

13. When do you get up in the morning?

I get up at ……………….. in the morning.

14. Do you take bath every morning?

Yes, I take bath every morning.

15. Do you play in the evening?

Yes, I play in the evening everyday.

16. Who is an aunt?

The wife of my father’s brother is my aunt.

17. Who is grandfather?

My father’s dad is my grandfather.

18. Who is grandmother?

My father’s mother is my grandmother.

19. Who is a nephew?

My sister’s or brother’s son is my nephew.

20. Who is a niece?

My sister’s or brother’s daughter is my niece.

21. Who is an uncle?

The brother of my father is my uncle.

22. Who is maternal – grandfather?

My mother’s father is my maternal – grandfather.

23. Who is maternal – grandmother?

My mother’s mother is my maternal – grandmother.

24. What Mahatma Gandhi called?

Mahatma Gandhi is called Bapu.

25. Who is called Chacha Nehru by children?

Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru is called Chacha Nehru by children.


Nursery     LKG       UKG       Class 1      Class 2       Class 3       Class 4      Class 5      Class 6      Class 7      Class 8       Class 9       Class X

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