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Click Here.......Class 4 Hindi & Punjabi

         Class 4 English Essay-Value of games

1. Games and sports are the part and parcel of education. They are important as studies. Infact, education without games is incomplete.

 2. Games develop our personality. They make us physically strong, healthy and smart. They broaden our outlook.

 3. Games teach us many lessons like discipline, punctuality, patience, fair play etc. Thus, games play a very important role in our life.

Note:- this essay is little short then the previous one. So you can do any out of them.

 Dictation words

Handsome,realized, carefree, returned, gallop, startled, happened, carriage, trick, hedges, attached, afraid, scolded, exactly, examined, remember, training, grazed, estate,

drowned, meadow, disappointed, suddenly, 

arrogant, frightful, ordinary, creature, scared,

messenger, sailor.


 Grammar fun of chapter :- 3 ,The trick that didn't work.Exercise H:-

Some nouns have been underlined in these

Sentences. Write C for countable or U for uncountable nouns.


1. C.                           4.U

2.U.                            5.U

3.C.                            6.C

Exercise I

Circle the countable nouns and underline uncountable nouns in these sentences.


Countable nouns.                   Uncountable

King, ministers.                           Milk,rice



Darpen,rotis .

Exercise J:-

Circle the nouns of common gender and underline those of the neuter gender.


Common gender.                Neuter gender

1.Boxer.                        Gloves,computer,town

2.Cousin.                        Wood, pen  

3.Teenager.                        ----------

4.Ruler.                            Book

5.Doctor                          milk   

Exercise K.

Complete these funny riddles.


1. Ant's





Chapter :1 Black Beauty

Comprehension   .

Exercise A

1. "Be good -------------------them Grey."

Q.Who said these words?

A.Black beauty's master said these words.

Q.Whom did the speaker say this to?

A. The speaker said this to Black Beauty.

Q.Who was farmer Grey?

A.Farmer Grey was the owner of Black Beauty.

2."This is------------my horses."

Q.Who said these words and to whom?

A.Farmer Grey said these words to Dick.

Q.Why did the speaker say this?

A.The speaker said this because Dick was troubling his horses.

Q.What did the speaker ask the other person to do after this?

A.The speaker asked the other person to leave his farm at once.


Exercise B.

Q1. Who was Black Beauty and where did he live?

A. Black Beauty was a young horse who lived on an English farm.

Q2. Why did Farmer Grey send Darkie to another farm?

A. Farmer Grey sent Darkie to another farm for his training.

Q3. Fill the web diagram:-


Just,kind, generous, thoughtful, caring, affectionate.


Play with words.

Exercise D.Write one word for the following.

1. Colt




Exercise E. Make three new words or more letters from these words.

1. Rose,her,or

2. Dew,made,mad

3. Mare,far,arm

4. Care,car,rare



Exercise F. Circle the correctly spelt words within brackets.






Grammar fun.

Exercise G. Read these sentences.tick the correct options within the brackets.

1. Exclamatory





Exercise H. Read these statements and write suitable questions.


1.Who was darkie's master?

2.Whom did Darkie play with?

3.What does Ali have in his pocket?

4.When did Soma leave?

5.Whose dog is this?

6.Where did you go last night?



PERIODIC TEST – 1(Pg No. 88)

A.   Tick the correct answer.

1.    RAM

B.    True and False.

1.    True

C.    Fill in the blanks.

1.    ROM

D.   Answer the following questions.

1.    We need secondary memory to store data and information permanently examples- Hard disk, Pen drive.

PERIODIC TEST – 3 (Pg No. 90)

      B. True and False.

           2. True

      D. Answer the following questions.

           1. a) Easy to solve problems.

               b) Give accurate result.

      TERM TEST – 1(Pg No. 91)

A.   Tick the correct answer.

1.    Bytes

B.    True and False.

1.    True

C.    Fill in the blanks.

1.    Permanently

2.    Blu-ray

D.   Define the following.

1.    Data: Data is a collection of raw or unprocessed items that include text, words, numbers and images.

E.    Answer the following questions.

1.    Bits and byte are interrelated with each other as  one byte holds 8 bits.

TERM TEST – 2 (Pg No. 93)

A.   Tick the correct answer.

3.    3(three)

    E. Long answer questions.

   1. Write the steps to plant a sapling in your garden.

   1.  Dig the hole.

   2. Place sapling in the hole.

   3. Built soil berm.

   4. Water it daily.

         Sst class 4 Chapter – 11 Important cities

Fill ups

True /False

1. Territory

1. True



3. Bombay


4. Marathi


5. Queen’s


1. Hugli


2. Howrah


3. Pongal


4. Bharatnatyam


5. Marina


A.    Answer the following questions.

Q.1 Write a short note on the capital city of India. What are the famous places of visit in the city ?

A.1  Delhi is the capital of India. The official name of Delhi is National Capital Territory of Delhi. Famous places of visit in Delhi are The Red Fort, Qutub MInar, India Gate etc.

Q.2 What are the main industries in Mumbai? Discuss about the transport system of the city?

A.2  Oil refining, Cotton textile, Medicines, Electronic goods are main industries in Mumbai. Mumbai has a busy and efficient transport system. The chhatrapati shivaji international Airport is one of the busiest airport in India.

Q.3 Discuss about the festivals and famous food dishes of Kolkata.

A.3  Durga puja, Diwali, Holi and Kali puja are the main festivals of

Kolkata.Rossogullas, Sandesh, Rice and fish curry are famous food dishes of Kolkata.

Q.4 Write a short note on the transportation system in Kolkata .

A.4  Kolkata was the first city in India to introduce metro rail. It is the only city in India where trams runs within the city.

Q.5 What are some of the famous places to visit in Chennai ? Name some of the religious places there.

A.5  Famous places to visit in Chennai are marina beach, Fort St. Georgeand Gandhi Mandappam. Religious places in Chennai are Kapaleeswarar temple, St, Thomas cathedral and Makkah masjid.

D. One word answers

1.       Sir Edwin lutyens

2.       India gate

3.       Mumbai

4.       Ganesh chaturthi

5.       Victoria terminus

6.       Bengali

7.       eden gardens

8.       Trams

9.       Fort St. Geogre

10.  Carnatic music

Class 4th G.k

Q1. Name the largest Planetarium and where it is located India?

= Birla Planetarium at Kolkata.

Q2. Name the longest and highest aerial ropeway in India?

=  Auli Cable Car

Q3. When India got Freedom?

= On 15 August 1947.

Q4. Who was the Prime minister of India?

= Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Q5. Who acted as Prime minster Twice and when?

= Gulzarilal lal Nanda. Once after death of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and after

Q6. Name the first Chinese pilgrim to visit India and when?

= Fa-Hin in 405 AD

Q7. How much area Asia covers of the Earth?

= Nearly  One third.

Q8. What is Pollution?

= Adding something to the Environment that is harmful that is called Pollution

Q9. Name the different types of Pollution?

= Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Soil Pollution, Noise Pollution. Etc.

Q10. On which planet life is exist?

= Earth

Q11. Which is our Home Planet?

= Earth

Q12. What will you do to save yourself when an earthquake has accursed?

= I will remain indoor if I am at home. If I am outside then I will go to open area.

Q13. What are Bio Degradable things?

= The things that can decay and mix with the soil eg. Food, Plants.

Q14. What are Non Bio Degradable?

= The Things that cannot decay and mix with the soil. Eg. Bottles, Glass.

Q15. What is the main occupation of large population of India?

= Agriculture.

                                     ( Fill Ups )

1.    India is a Big country.

2.    Different kinds of crops are grown in Different parts of India

3.    Some states of India are known for their Specific Crops.

4.    The agriculture and farmers form the backbone of Indian economy.

5.    Some Plants have Unique  Features

6.    Plants are found everywhere on the earth.

7.    We should keep our surrounding neat and Clean.

8.    A Clean surroundings Healthy  and Fit.

9.    It is our Duty to Control or Check the pollution.

10.           India is known as the Land of Festival.

11.           People living here celebrate different kinds of Festival.


                                             (Quiz Time 1)


1.    William emerson

2.    Tehri Dam

3.    Kolkata

4.    Jal mahal, Hawa Mahal

5.    Kolkata

6.    Cheetah

7.    Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

8.    Dennis Anthony tito


1.    Tea

2.    Kerala

3.    Bumblebee Bat

4.    Newton

5.    Jaidev

6.    Pablo Picasso

7.    Akshay Kumar


Class 4 M.S.C

Chapter 1(The Merciless snake)


1.what did the deer sew while wandering in a


Ans.The deer saw a snake trapped under a big stone,while wandering in a Forest.

 Q.2 .who did the deer help the snake?

Ans.The deer removed the stone.

 Q.3.what did the snake want to do in return?

Ans.The snake raised its hood to bite the deer.

 Q.4.what did the line say after he had heard the entire story?

Ans. The lion ordered the snake to lie still

  and told the deer to roll back the stone at

 its earlier position on top of the snake.

 Q.5.what did the lion decide?

Ans.Lion decided that the snake is very does not deserve any mercy.

 Ex.B Tick the correct word






 Ex.c (True or false)







Q.1.Have you ever helped in need?

Ans.Yes ,I had helped someone in need.

Q.2.write an instance when....... justified.

Ans. once I travelling with my father in a

    Car we can saw a lady who wanted a

  Lift .we could not help her because we had 

  to reach hospital where my uncle was               admitted.

Note:-Moral of the story.....we should be merciful and thankful.  


Ch.2 (The wish sages)


Ans.1 committing mistakes is worse.

 Ans.2 Likhit was younger brother of shankh.they both were wise sages of the vedic period.

Ans.3. shankh told his brother that he has 

 Committed a mistake and he has to repent.

 Ans.4. The king ordered that likhit's hands be cut off.

  Ans.5.The punishment was not justified because Likhit had a repentant attitude.            

Ex.B(True and false)






 Ex.c(fill in blanks)







Ans.1. say sorry and forget it.(√)


Ans.1. The real meaning of sorry is a way 

Of apologizing to something that we have 

done which has upset them.

 Ans.2 It restores the dignity of the hurt person and make them feel better.It

transforms their feeling of hurt into forgiveness.

 Ans.3. Yes,once I had not learnt my test.To 

avoid getting punishment,I lied my teacher

that my mother had a fall and is now in 

hospital.But later i felt shameful and apologized to my teacher.

 Note:-Moral of story.....we should learn from

Our mistakes.

 Ch.3(sukhilal and Dukhiram)


Ans.1. sukhilal offered garlands and sweet

to the deities.

 Ans.2.Dukhiram had a money he offered pebbles  to the deities.

 Ans.3. Sukhilal negligent attitude towards

life made his condition bad and he lost all

his wealth.

 Ans.4.Dukhiram became rich due to his hard

Work,simplicity and honesty.

 Ans.5. By realizing his mistake and learning the value of humility sukhilal became a changed person.

 Ex.B(True and false)







         (Sukhilal)          (Dukhiram)

      Negligent             Humble

      Rich                      Hard-working 

      Arrogant              Punctual

      Easy going          Sincere 

      Proud                   Poor

 Ex.D(fill in blanks)







Ans.1. I wait patiently.

Ans.2.i will call and tell him to hurry up.

Ans.3.i Will request him to return as I have

 to study.

Ans.4.I will try to complete it next day.


Ans.1. A humble person is patient.he knows

how to work hard.He does not get angry.A

humble person is grateful and treats every 

body with respect.

 Ans.2.If student comes late to class,he will

miss the class discussion,distract other 

Students and make us a lazy person.


Ans.1. They will not feel good.All will get

late for enjoying and playing games.

 Ans.2.I will also feel bad if my friends will

be late for my birthday all planning

will be spoilt.cake cutting will be late.

 Ans.3. Last month our class was going for

School picnic.i was very excited and could

not sleep whole night and thus got late in the

morning to get up.By the time i reached school the picnic bus had already left .i feel

very bad and cried also.Now I promised i will

never be late.

 Note:-Moral of story.....God appreciates

those who do their work with devotion and 

in time.


        ACTIVITY SHEET -1(


    1. Highly degrade soil quality.

    2.water pollution increases.

   3.climate changes.

   4.poor air quality.

    (Prayer for Parents)

 Thank you,lord,for my parents.they have 

nurtured me and provided for my needs 

thoughtout my life. I am so grateful for their love,attention,guidance,help,understanding and wisdom.may your peace reign in their hearts and your love always encompass them.




Class  4 Maths   Chapter-2  


Exercise 2.1 

do yourself.(full)

 Exercise - 2.2

Q1. Do yourself. yourself.


a) 57724                 b)  15000

+  10000                   +  60000

----------------                 ----------------

    67724                       75000

----------------                 -----------------

c) 888888                d)  130000

+  100000                 +     24528

-----------------                   ----------------

    988888                      154528

-----------------                   ----------------

e) 234500                 f)  300668

+  113300                  +  117500

------------------                ------------------

    347800                      418168

------------------                ------------------

g)  172000                 h)  687000

  +  223475                  +  233000        

  -----------------                ------------------

      395475                      920000

  -----------------                ------------------

Exercise - 2.3

 a) 2678

b) 4852,3926

c) 5408

d) 0

e) 2884

f) 1684

 Exercise -2.4

Q1. Sales turnover in 2014 = rs. 2,85,694

     Sales turnover in 2015 =+rs.  5,17,886

 Total turnover  in two years     -----------------

                                                  rs.  8,03,580


Q2. Earned last year = Rs.  2,79,030

       Earned this year =+Rs. 3,88,590

       Total earning   =          -----------------

                                       Rs.   6,67,620


Q3)Bags produced in first year= 4,48,125

                       In second year  = + 5,64,798

            Total bags produced =  -----------------



Q4)          Men  =    4,12,345

         Women   = + 2,75,625

        Children   = + 1,85,755

Total population  -----------------



Q5) Man spend for one flat = rs. 5,36,200

       Spend for second flat = +rs. 3,84,290

                Total he spend  =          ---------------

                                                   rs.  9,20,490


Exercise 2.5

 Do yourself (full)

 Exercise -2.6

Do yourself (Q no. 1-20)

 21) 683204          22)  485680

    -  379599               -  276984

     ---------------                --------------

      303605                   208696

    ----------------               ---------------

23) 699785           24) 884000

    -  384887                - 799999

      --------------                -------------

       314898                  084001

      --------------                -------------

25) 844983

    -  322730




Exercise - 2.8

Q1) Mr. Kamath got =      1,66,720 votes

      Mr. Kapoor got =       -1,59,884 votes               Difference    =        ---------------



Mr. Kamath got 6,836 more votes.

 Q2) Earns in one year =  rs.2,50,920

         Expenses            = - rs.1,86,289

        Money left           =  ------------------

                                          Rs. 0,64,631


Q3) Smallest 6 -digit no. =  1,00,000

        Largest 4-digit no.   =  -     9,999

           Difference              = -----------------



Q4)   Cost of a house   =   rs. 8,56,780

  Money less he Sold it = - rs. 1,50,000

Selling price of house=     --------------------

                                              rs. 7,06,780


 Q5) sum of two numbers=  80,051

          One number           = - 38,735

          Other number        = ---------------



 Exercise - 2.9

1)  1,13,559              2)   23,809

   -       5,590              + 1,32,471

   -----------------               ----------------  

      1,07,969                 1,56,280

      +   3,655                  -   3,789

     ----------------              ----------------

      1,11,624                 1,52,491

     ----------------              ----------------

3)  2,95,700              4)  2,66,419

      - 85,700                  - 1,33,715

    ---------------                ------------------

     2,10,000                    1,32,704

  + 3,84,690                   + 92,005

  -----------------                 ----------------

    5,94,690                    2,24,709

-------------------                -----------------

5)  8,597                  6)  3,26,058

  -  2,935                      - 1,34,340

   -------------                    ------------------

     5,662                        1,91,718

  -  3,165                       + 15,455

   -------------                    ----------------

     2,497                        2,07,173

   --------------                   ----------------

7) 3,66,031

    + 11,915  



-   1,11,125



-   1,12,091




 Table 2 to 15 learn and write on classwork copy.

 Class  4 Maths   Chapter-3   (multiplication)


1) 3426                        7)  4938

       ×28                               × 39

--------------                         --------------

   27408                            44442

+ 6852×                      +  14814×

---------------                        --------------

   95928                           192582

---------------                        ---------------


2)   5079                      8)   2179

         ×49                              × 45

     -----------                          ------------

     45711                          10895

+ 20316×                      +  8716×

-----------------                       -------------

   248871                           98055

------------------                      ---------------

3)  4184                        9)   8649

        ×35                                 ×89             

--------------                             ------------

   20920                              77841

 12552×                       +  69192×

---------------                         --------------

 146440                            769761

----------------                         -------------


4)  7965                          10)   3147

        ×77                                   ×  77

--------------                             --------------

   55755                                22029

 55755×                          + 22029×

---------------                           --------------

 613305                              242319

---------------                          ---------------


5)  6985









6)   8888









Exercise - 3.3


1)   804                        2)       376

  ×  285                               ×  195

--------------                        -----------------

    4020                                 1880

+6432×                         +   3384×

1608××                         +   376××            

---------------                       ---------------

229140                             73320

--------------                         ---------------


3)     455                      4)      268

     × 217                             × 676

    ------------                         ------------

      3185                              1608

 +   455×                       +   1876×

+  910××                       + 1608××

---------------                       ---------------

   98735                           181168

---------------                       ---------------


5)    317                        6)    217 

    ×  298                            × 489

     ----------                        --------------

      2536                             1953

+  2853×                       + 1736×

+  634××                       + 868××

    -----------                       -------------

    94466                         106113

    ------------                      --------------


7)    785                      8)    419

    × 386                          ×  813

---------------                     --------------

     4710                            1257

+ 6280×                   +      419×    

 2355××                   +  3352××

--------------                    --------------

 303010                      340647

--------------                    --------------


9)    575                  10)     405

    ×  349                         × 750

--------------                      -------------                     

      5175                             000

+  2300×                  +    2025×

+1725××                  +  2835××

---------------                     --------------

  200675                       303750

---------------                    ---------------

 Exercise  - 3.4


a) 0

b) 4

c) 0

d) 56,73

e) 1

f) 89

g) 33

h) 0

i) 719

j) 7



a) 10

b) 50

c) 420

d) 520

e) 50800

f)  2180

g)  1790

h) 12500

i) 23560

j) 118500

k) 300

l) 1400

m) 23000

n) 24900

o) 347000

p) 396000

q) 63000

r) 609000

s) 380000

t) 50000

 Exercise - 3.5


Q1. A man earns monthly = Rs.5,155

        Earns in 25 months = 5,155 × 25 =          rs.1,28,875


                                    ×  25



                             + 10310×




Q2. Cost of a book = Rs. 157

    Cost of 78 books = 157×78= rs.12,246 





                   + 1099×




Q3.  Cost of a saree = rs. 2,357

 Cost of 257 sarees = 2,357 × 257 = 




                        × 257



             +     11785×

             +     4714××




Q4.   (1 Leap year = 366 days)


 No. Of screws manufacture(daily) = 885

No. Of screws manufacture in 2012 =  885× 366 =3,23,910





             +    5310×

              + 2655××




Q5.  Cost of a video game= rs.4,175

Cost of 78 video games= 4,175×78=

                                         Rs. 3,25,650


                             × 78






Class 4. English Literature



A. Write true or false for these sentences.


 1. True.   2. False.  3.   False.  4. True.  

5.  True.   6. False.

 Play with words.

B. Write homophones for these words.

1. Sea - see

2. Eight- ate

3. Dear - deer

4. Whether - weather

5. Week - weak

6. Break - brake

 Now write sentences for any four pairs of words to bring out their different meanings.


a. Sea - The sea was calm.

b. See - Did you ever see a whale?


a. Ate -  She ate her dinner.

b. Eight -  She is eight years old.


a. Weak - She was too weak to move.

b. Week - I can do it in a week.


a. Dear - Life is very dear to me.

b. Deer - A deer watched them from the tree.

 Grammar fun.

C. Fill in the blanks with phrases from the box.


1. into the ground.

2. on the hill.

3. in the cupboard.

4. near the park.

5. with long hair.

D. Fill in the blanks with suitable question tags from the box.


1. didn't they?

2. was it?

3. should we?

4. isn't he?

5. did she?

                    Work Book,      Chapter:-.  1             Black Beauty

 Play with words

Exercise A.

Replace the underlined words with words from the box.


1. Black Beauty was written by Anna Sewell.

2. Darkie was a magnificent horse.

3. Farmer Grey was a caring master.

4. After the training, Darkie became more calm.

5. Squire Gordon took Darkie to his estate.

 B. Make twelve words from the letters in the box.



 C. Circle the correctly spelt words within the brackets.


1. well-bred

2. gallop

3. hedges

4. squire

5. trot


            Chapter- 3      The trick that didn't work Play with words.

A. Tick the correct word with in the brackets to complete the similes.


1. hare.   2. fox.  3. bat.  4. bone.                      5. peas in a pod.


B. Circle the words that mean the same as the words in the capitals.


1. frighten

2. wander

3. trader

4. pledge

5. funny.

Class 4  Computer


A.    Tick the correct answer.

1.      Data

2.      Secondary

3.      Volatile

4.      1024

5.      Saving

B.     Fill in the blanks.

1.      Memory

2.      Information

3.      Bits and Bytes

4.      Byte

5.      RAM and  ROM

6.      Secondary

C.     True and False.

1.      True

2.      False

3.      True

4.      False

5.      True

D.    Complete the following.

1.      1 GB = 1024 MB

2.      1 Byte = 8 bits

3.      1 KB = 1024 byte

4.      1 MB = 1024 KB

E.     Define the following.

1.      Bit: It is the smallest unit of data in computer.

2.      Byte: It is the basic storage unit in memory.

3.      RAM: It is called the primary memory. It is volatile memory.

4.      ROM: It is the Read Only Memory. It is non-volatile memory.




F.     Answer the following questions.

1.      Write the difference between data and information.

Ans. Data is collection of raw items. Information is processed form of data.

2.      What do you mean by computer memory?

Ans. Computer memory is used to store data and information.

3.      Differentiate between primary and secondary memory.


        Primary memory

          Secondary memory

1.      It is called internal memory.

2.      Stores data temporarily. Examples-RAM, ROM.

1.      It is called external memory.

2.      Stores data permanently. Examples-Hard disk.


   4.   What is a Hard Disk?

 Ans. The Hard disk is the main permanent storage area of computer.

 5.    What is a Blu-ray Disc?

  Ans.  Blu-ray Disc is a new DVD format. It has larger storage capacity of 100 GB.

G.    Application Based Question. (Not in syllabus)

   Ans. She was working in RAM memory so her work was lost.

                                      CH – 6 (STEP-WISE THINKING)

A.    Tick the correct answer.

1.      MS-PowerPoint

2.      Microphone

3.      Speakers

4.      Digital Camera




B.     True and False.

1.      False

2.      True

3.      True

4.      False

C.     Match the following.

Step 1.       Ram had ₹20.

Step 2.       He got reward.

Step 3.        Now, he has ₹35.

Step 4.        20 + Reward = 35

Step 5.        Ram earned 35-20 = ₹15 as reward.

D.    Complete the following sentences.

1.      Start

2.      All programs

3.      Accessories

4.      MS-Paint

E.     Answer the following questions.

1.      In three hours, how many times will the hands of clock meet together?

Ans.  3 times.

2.      Your age is double your brother’s age and he is five years old. What is your age?

Ans.  10 years.

3.      Suppose your grandfather doesn’t know how to operate television. Write the steps to tell him the normal functioning of remote control to watch television.

Ans.  1.Switch on power button.

2  Use CH+ and CH- to change channels.

3  Use V+ and V- to raise and low volume.

Important full forms:

RAM- Random Access Memory

ROM- Read Only Memory

HDD- Hard Disk Drive

CD-ROM- Compact Disc- Read Only Memory

DVD- Digital Video Disc

CPU- Central Processing Unit

First Term Syllabus ,Class- 4TH

 Chapter – 4      A Good Citizen


A.    Fill ups

B.     True /False

1. ballot,electronic

1. true



3. school







Answer the following questions.

1.      Why should an adult citizen vote in elections ?

Ans. An adult citizen should  vote in elections because he understand the importance of voting. He should assess the qualifications and worth of a candidate before choosing to vote for him/her.


2.      Differentiate between public property and private property ?


Private Property

Public Property

1.       A private property is owned by an individual or his family.

a.       A public property is owned by the government.

2.       Only the owner of the private property has a right over it.

b.       Every citizen of the country has a right over the public property.

3.       The protection of the private property is the responsibility  of the owner.

c.       The protection of public property is every citizen’s duty.


3.      How should a good citizen care for public property like roads, railways , parks,etc. ?

Ans.  a.  People should not damage public property.

b.        Keep roads clean.

c.       Parks should be kept clean.

d.       Don’t throw garbage in train compartments.


4.      How should you care for your school and public libraries ?

       Ans. a-Never write on the walls of school libraries.

b- Do not tear off pages from books.

c- Keep your school playground clean.

d- Do not break or damage the desks.


5.      Why are monuments important ? How should we care for them ?

Ans. Monuments are important because through monuments we get to learn about events and happenings of the past. There are some rules to protect or care these monuments that are-

a-      Do not harm the ancient buildings.

b-      Damaging historical monuments is a punishable offence under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act,1958.

Match the following.

1.      Public  Property           --   owned by the government and belongs

                                              to the public in general.

2.      Save electricity             --   by switching off lights and fans when not

                                               in use.

3.      Ancient monuments

And Archaeological

Sites and Remains

Act,1958                         --   punishes offences related to damaging

                                              of historical monuments.

4.      Ballot Papers                  --  are now replaced with Electronic Voting


5.      ArchaeologicaL Survey

of India                             --  protects and maintains public


Chapter – 8        Introduction to Maps


A.    Fill ups

B.     True /False

1. Visual

1. false

2. Physical

2. true


3. false


4. true

5. North

5. true






Answer the following questions.

1.       What is a map? How is it more useful than a globe ?

Ans. A map is a visual representation of an area or a part of an area, usually on  a flat surface drawn according to a scale. Map is more useful than globe because maps give detailed information than a Globe.


2.       What are the different type of a map ?

Ans. there are three types of maps

a..Physical Maps

b..Political Maps

c..Thematic Maps.


3.       What are four directions and sub-direction ?

Ans. Four main directions are-

North, South, East and West.

Four Main Sub-directions are-

North-east, North-west, South-east and South-west.


4.       What do you mean by the scale of a map ?

Ans. The scale is the ratio between the distance on the map and the distance on the ground.


5.       What is a legend or key ?

Ans. A map uses symbols or colours to represent things .A legends or  keys explains what these symbols and colours mean. 


Class 4 Essay and Application

Write an application to your principal requesting her to change the section.


The Principal,

Little Flower Convent School,

Dina agar.

Dear Sister,

 I beg to state that I am a student of class 4 lotus in your school. My cousin brother studies in 4 Daisy. We both live in a same home and do our homework together. So,kindly change my section from 4Lotus to 4 Daisy and oblige.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,


Roll no.--






       Essay- Value of games


1.  Games are becoming very popular. Games are very useful for the body. The human body needs exercise to keep fit. Exercise keeps diseases away. It is very important for each student to play one or the other games.


2. Games teach us discipline and proper behaviour. It builds character. Vast playgrounds must form a part of every school. The spirit of sportsmanship makes us good citizens.


3. Some players are the ornaments of their school. Some players shine at district level while others at University level. Some of the players are the pride of their country. Players of one country go to another country to take part in matches. Live relay on television entertain the people all over the world. Women have also started taking part in games. They are ahead in some fields. We are proud of P.T Usha.


Class 4 General Science

Chapter : 5


1) Tick the correct options

a. Cones

b. broad

c. marshy areas

d. stem

e. marshy areas

(2) T/F

a. False

b. False

c. True

d. False

e. True

(3) Give two examples -

a. Cactus, date palm

b. Peepal, mango

c. Duckweed, water lettuce

d. Lotus, water lily

e. Hydrilla, tape grass

f. Tea, coffee

g. Cariop, kendelia

(4) Q/A

a. Habitat - The natural surroundings in which a plant lives. 

Adaptation -The special features in a plants body that allow it to survive in its habitat. 

b. 1.The trees are tall and straight. 

    2.Leaves are needle like. 

    3.They have cones instead of flowers. 

c. Roots of cactus are spread far out to catch the water and the leaves are reduced to spines. 

d. Plants in the marshy areas have breathing roots as they do not get air in the water logged soil. 

e. Floating plants float on the surface of water. e. g duckweed, water lettuce and submerged plants grow  under water e. g hydrilla, tape grass. 

f. These plants clean the water by removing carbon dioxide breathed out by aquatic plants. 

g. Evergreen plants have their leaves throughout the year but deciduous plants shed their leaves in winters. 

h. Plants in the plains shed their leaves in winters to protect them from extreme cold. 

i. Terrestrial plants grow on land. E. g mango, neem etc. where as aquatic plants grow in water. e. g lotus, lily etc. 


1.These plants clean the water by removing carbon dioxide breathed out by aquatic animals. 

2.Lotus plant cannot survive in the desert because it is an aquatic plant. 


Class 4 G. Science L. No. 11

(1)Tick the correct options 

a. Frictional force

b. Gravitational force

c. Iron

d. Frictional force

e. Change the shape

(2) True/False

a. False

b. True

c. True

d. False

e. False

(3) Fill ups

a. Force

b. Gravitational

c. Force

d. Towards

e. Opposite

(4) Q/A

a. The effects of force are -

1.It can stop a moving object. 

2.It can change the direction of a moving object. 

3.It can change the shape of an object. 

b. The force of the earth that pulls all objects towards itself. 

c. The force that opposes motion is called frictional force. 

d. The force exerted by a magnet on iron objects is called magnetic force. 

e. The force exerted by the muscles is called muscular force. 

f. If there was no gravity, everything would float in the air. 


1.A boy slips when he steps on a banana skin due to less friction. 

2.Gravitational force. 

Class 4th (Mathematics)

Chapter-15 (Roman Numerals)

Q1.Express the following in Roman numerals.
a) 44=XLIV
b)  56=LVI
c)  68=LXVIII
d)  72=LXXII
e) 40=XL
f) 67=LXVII
g) 98=XCVIII
h) 100=C
i)   37=XXXVII
j)   95=XCV
k)  54=LIV
l)   48=XLVIII
m) 84=LXXXIV
n)  69=LXIX
p) 99=XCIX
q) 64=LXIV
r)  76=LXXVI
s) 81=LXXXI
r)  79=LXXIX


Q3.fill in the blanks
a) V , L and  D
b) V , L and D
c) addition
d) V  and  X
e) L  and C
f) three

b) V
c) X
f) LX
g) L
h) C

25 =XXV
26 =XXVI
29 =XXIX
30 =XXX
31 =XXXI
35 =XXXV

41= XLI
42= XLII
44= XLIV
45= XLV
46= XLVI
49= XLIX
50= L
51= LI
52= LII
53= LIII
54= LIV
55= LV
56= LVI

a) 86= LXXXVI
b) 87= LXXXVII
d) 89= LXXXIX
e) 90= XC
f) 91=XCI

 a)92 = XCII
b)93= XCIII
c)94= XCIV
d)95= XCV
e)96= XCVI
f)97= XCVII
g)98= XCVIII
h)99= XCIX
i)100= C

Q9. See answers from page no.256

a) = (v)
b) = (vii)
c) = (i)
d) = (iii)
e) = (ix)
f) = (vi)
g) = (ii)
h)= (viii)
i) = (iv)
Class 4. English grammar
              Chapter- 2.   Subject and predicate

A.  Separate the following sentences into subject and predicate.
  Subject.                         Predicate
1.stars.                    twinkle at night.             
2.they.                     are walking down the road.
3.the monkey.         sat upon a tree.
4.all the students   were wearing uniforms. 
5.barking dogs.       seldom bite.

B. Complete the following sentences by adding suitable predicates.
1. are very nice.
2. is very big.
3. is very tall.
4. are flying.
5. has seven colours.

C. Fill in appropriate subjects for the following predicates.
1. India
2. The park
3. The train
4. Independence day
5. Chess

D. Matches
1. These oranges are very sweet.
2. Math is a scoring subject.
3. My father works in a factory.
4. My little sister is playing with her toys.
5. That bicycle is mine.

          Chapter-5      The noun

A. Recognise the nouns given in colour in the following sentences and write whether they are common,proper,collective, abstract or material.
1. Collective 
1. Common
3. Abstract
4. Material
5. Collective
6. Abstract
7. Abstract
8. Proper
9. Common
10. Common

B.. complete the following crossword.
1. Carpenter
2. Reporter
3. Grocer
4. Teacher
5. Hotelier
6. Doctor
7. Planter
8. Optician
9. Interpreter
10. Builder
11. Umpire
12. Lawyer
C.Fill in the collective noun from the list.

1. Flock of sheep
2. Pride of lions
3. Herd of elephants
4. Shoal of fish
5. Swarm of bees
6. Troop of horses
7. Fleet of ships
8. Army of soldiers
9. Bouquet of flowers
10. Bunch of bananas
11. Range of mountains
12. Team of players

D.Circle the abstract nouns below:-
Friendship,mercy.grief, happiness,rules, agreement,thought,youth,anger.

Use these abstract nouns in a sentence:
1. Bravery- His bravery surprised me.
2. Laughter- Her laughter is very loud.

Write four of your own abstract nouns here:-
1. Truth.     2. Smile.    3. Try.    4. Lie.

               Chapter 6. The Noun : Number
A. Write the plural forms of the following nouns.

1. Balloons.                  11. Kangaroos
2. eggs.                         12. Zeros
3. Beaches                    13. Buffaloes
4. Atlases                      14.Flamingoes
5. Classes                     15. Feet
6. Dishes.                      16. Lice
7. Boxes                         17. Men
8. Armies                       18. Children
9. Trophies                    19. Oxen
10. Monkeys                 20. Gulfs

B.Fill in the blanks by using the correct word.

1. Children
2. Leaves
3. Mice
4. Slices
5. Teeth
6. Loaf
7. Man
8. Roof
9. Mangoes
10. Hobbies

C. Write the singular of each of the following words.

1. Ox                                   11. Spy
2. Bison                              12. Wife
3. Logo                               13. Jersey
4. Ghetto                            14. Ray
5. Cargo                             15. Storey
6. Leaf                                16. Donkey
7. Life                                  17. Giraffe
8. Echo                                18. Mosquito
9. Halo                                19. Loaf
10. Wharf                           20. Proof

D. The following sentences have some nouns given in colour. State whether they are singular or plural nouns.
2. singular
10.plural the plurals of the following nouns into the puzzle.
Men,mice,trays,loaves, bamboos,aircraft, umbrellas, flamingoes, bookshelves, dictionaries.

Class 4 - G.Sci- Ch- 7

Ex. 1 Tick the correct options     
a. 78% nitrogen
      b. Oxygen
      c. burn leaves
      d. Carbon dioxide
Ex. 2 Fill in the blanks
      a. Asthma and bronchitis 
      b. 21%
      c. Oxygen
      d. Air
      e. Carbon dioxide
Ex. 3 True/False
      a. False
      b. False
      c. True
      d. False
      e. True
Ex. 4 Answer the following questions
     a. Humidity-The amount of water vapour present in the air. 
     Atmosphere - The blanket of air that surrounds the earth.
      Air pressure - The pressure exerted by air on everything. 
      Air pollution - The unwanted things present in the air causes air pollution. 
     b. Three properties of air are-
      1.It has weight
      2.It occupy space
      3.It exerts pressure

     c. Three causes of air pollution are soot, dust and smoke from vehicles. 

     d. Air is a mixture of gases, water vapour and dust particles. 

    e. Breathing-The process of inhalation and exhalation. 
        Respiration- The process by which inhaled oxygen in the air burns digested food to produce energy and carbon dioxide. 

1.Humidity is higher in monsoon. 
2.If we cover our face while sleeping, we will not get enough oxygen to breathe. 


Class – 4 Maths  Chapter 1


 Q1. See answers from page no.240


Q2.     Greatest no.         Smallest no.

a).      875321                123578

b).      976540                405679

c).      987653                356789

d).      843210                102348


Q3. Equal value


Q4. Sunil's father earn= 1,96,580

       Friend's father earn= 99,580

 Sunil's father earn more.


       Exercise - 1.5


Q1. See answers from page no.240


Q2. a) 8,888< 44,254 < 45,275 < 66,778

b) 29,375 <77,675 < 3,46,527 < 4,49,827

c) 49,247 < 3,84,272 < 5,76,428 < 8,88,888

d) 3,84,929< 4,82,625<5,87,327<6,76,875


a) 96,984> 66,786> 57,578 > 38,786

b) 84,288 >74,936> 34,823 >11,507

c) 4,48,521>3,46,502 >1,71,617 >97,705

d) 6,34,720> 5,45,312 >3,72,418> 88,755



Ascending order

24,250<24,350< 24,450 <24,550< 24,650 <24,750 <24,850 < 24,950

Descending order

24,950> 24,850> 24,750> 24,650> 24,550> 24,450> 24,350 >24,250


Class – 4 Subject – General Science 

Ex. 1- Tick the correct options

       a. Oxygen

       b. Stomata

       c. Bleaching

       d. Carbon dioxide

       e. All of these

Ex. 2-Fill in the blanks

       a. tap

       b. roots

       c. stem

       d. stem

       e. chlorophyll

 Ex. 3-True/False

       a. false

       b. true

       c. false

       d. true

       e. false

Ex. 4 Answer the following questions

 a. Green leaves require water, carbon dioxide and sunlight to prepare their food.

 b. Plants used some of the food for its growth and extra food is stored as starch in different parts of the plants.

 c. Tap root is one long main root with many side roots. For example-trees, shrubs     and a fibrous root is a cluster of small, same sized roots arise from the end of the stem. For example-grass, wheat.

 d. The stem holds the plant upright and conducts water and food to different parts of the plant.

 e. They give us food, oxygen, wood, paper oils etc.

 f. Plants help to keep the air fresh and clean by giving out oxygen.

 g. Stomata-Tiny openings on the lower surface of the leaves.    Bleaching-The process of removing green colour from the leaves.     Transpiration-The process by which plants give out extra water.    Photosynthesis -The process by which green plants make their own food.


1.Yellow leaf does not produce food due to the absence of chlorophyll.

 2.Leaves of à plant kept in a dark room do not produce starch due to the absence of sunlight.

 3.If the roots of a plant are cut off, it will not grow.


Class – 4 Subject – Social studies

Chapter – 3  Introduction to Civics

A. Fill ups

1.     Civics

2.     Ethics

3.     Loyal

4.     Development

5.     Fairly

     B.True or False

       1. False

          2. True

          3. False


          5. False

      B. Answer the following questions.


Q.1 What is Civics?

A.1 The study of person’s rights and duties as a citizen is known as Civics.

Q.2 What do you mean by Civic sense?

A.2 Civic sense means social ethics.


Civic sense means the duty of an individual towards the society.

Q.3 Who is a citizen?

A.3 A citizen is a person who legally lives in a country and has the rights and                                                                                                                                                          

protection of that country.

Q.4 What are the characteristics of a good citizen?

A.4 a. A good citizen should obey the laws of his country.

b. A good citizen should be loyal toward his country.

Class – 4 Maths  Chapter 1

a)Three lakh fourteen thousand five hundred thirty-two.
b)Six lakh forty-eight thousand four hundred six.
c)Seven lakh fifty-six thousand eight.
d) Eight lakh eight thousand nine hundred seventy-two.
e)Six lakh six thousand six.
f)Eight lakh eight hundred eight.
g)Nine lakh ninety-two thousand three hundred twelve.
h) Seven lakh seventy thousand seven hundred seventy.
a)Three hundred fifty-two thousand eight hundred forty-six.
b)Six hundred two thousand nine hundred forty.
c) Eight hundred eighty-four thousand eight hundred seventy-two.
d)Nine hundred forty-four thousand two hundred two.
e) Eight hundred forty-two thousand four hundred thirteen.
f)Six hundred seventy -two thousand three.
g)Nine hundred thirteen thousand two hundred four.
h) Eight hundred thousand nine.

a) Numeral-2,24,231
Number name- Two lakh twenty-four thousand two hundred thirty-one.

Five lakh two thousand three hundred twenty-three.

Two lakh eleven thousand one hundred ninety-two.

Three hundred twenty-three thousand seven hundred fifty-four.

Three hundred twenty-nine thousand two hundred thirty-two.

Five hundred twenty thousand two hundred fifty-five.

a) S - 6,35,802
b) S - 3,17,904
c) S - 285,302
d) S -  3,01,180
e) S - 7,34,800
f)  S - 8,14,533
g) S - 375,403
h) S - 9,99,900
a) P - 5,38,099
b) P - 1,34,998
c) P - 75,938
d) P - 85,799
e) P - 135,899
f) P - 8,99,996
g)P - 784,376
h)P - 985,429
Class -4th( mathematics)
a)7,00,000 or 7 lakh
b)70,000 or 7 ten thousand
c)2,000 or 2 thousands
d)80,000 or 8 ten thousands
e)600 or 6 hundreds
f)6,000 or 6 thousands
g)3 or 3 ones
h)0 or zero
i)2,00,000 or 2 lakhs
j)4 or 4 ones

a)600,000 or 6 hundred thousand
b)40,000 or 4 ten thousands
c)700 or 7 hundreds
d)2,000 or 2 thousands
e)400 or 4 hundreds
f)9,00,000 or 9 hundred thousands
g)10 or 1 ten
h)9,000 or 9 thousands
i)600 or 6 hundreds
j)5 or 5 ones

Place value = 20000
Face value of= 2
 Difference = 20000 - 2 = 19998

Q4. P.V.of first '5' =5000
P.V.of second '5'=50
Difference= 5000-50=4950

Q5. P.V. of first '4'=40000
       P.V. of second'4'=4000
       P.V. of third '4' = 40
 Sum = 40000+4000+40= 44040
Q6.  P.V. of first '5' =500
P.V. of second '5' =50000
 100 times (50000÷500= 100)                     
Q7) Place value= 3000
  Face value= 3 
Sum = 3000+3=3003

a) five





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