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Class 5 G.k

Q1. What is Handicraft?

= Handicraft is a skilled activity in which something is made in traditional way with hands.

Q2. What is Zardai?

= Zardai is a heavy embroidery on sarees or coats done by hands using golden thread and beads from Agrs.

Q3. What is called Northern Plains of India?

= Food Bowl

Q4. Which city is called the city of golden Temple?

= Amritsar

Q5. Which is the longest beach in India?

 = Marina Beach.

Q6. What you should do when you go to religious place or any Crowded place?

= You don’t go away from your parents.

Q7. Who is known as ‘entrepreneur’?

= A Person who starts or organizes a business company is known as entrepreneur.

Q8. What is the currency of India?

= Indian Rupee

Q9. Who designed Indian Rupee?

= Udaya Kumar

Q10. Why government of India set up national Parks and Wild Life Sanctuaries?

= For Protecting Wild Animals.

Q11. What is a Forest?

= A large areas cover thick plants or trees is known as a Forest.

Q12. Name the biggest dam in the world. Where it is ?

= Aswan Dam. It is built across the River Nile in Egypt.

                      (Fill ups)

1.    We should not throw litter here and there on beaches.

2.    We must keep them neat  and Clean.

3.    Trains are the backbone of economy of Country.

4.    Trains play a vital role for carrying people and Goods.

5.    Different kinds of Forests are found on the earth.

6.    Under the wild life protection act of 1972 the Government of India setup National parts.

7.    India is a Large Country.

8.    The People living in India fallen different kinds of Religion. They live with Peace and Harmony.

            Quiz Time -1


1.    Bihar

2.    Jaipur

3.    Chennai

4.    Berlin

5.    Diary

6.    Directory

7.    Yen


1.    Photosynthesis

2.    GSAT-7

3.    Arunachal Pradesh

4.    Charles Babbage

5.    The Beatles

6.    Cricket

7.    A Perola Nigra

8.    Psychiatrists

             Note-: Conversation learn chapter 1 to 5.

Class 5 M. ScienceChapter : 2 (The Tree and the Boy)

Part A- Think and Answer 
1. Raju sang songs and studied his books under the tree.
2. The Tree asked Raju to sell its fruits in the market and buy books with that money.
3. Raju paid his examination fees by selling the tree branches in the market.
4. Raju made a boat of the stem of the tree and sailed across the river. 
5. The Tree helped Raju because it was so much attached to him (Raju).

Part B- Tick the correct word
1. Tree
2. Sing
3. Tree
4. Happy
5. Did

Part C- Understand and Write
1. I shall try to react positively. 
2. I would give it to him with a smiling face.
3. I would make him understand that it was for his welfare. 
4. I would ask that boy to mend his ways.
5. I would stop them from doing so.

Part D - Which words for whom
Tree : Generous, Sacrifice, Helpful, Understanding, Guardian 
Raju : Needy , Student, Sad

Part E- Think and Discuss 
1. Some bad men came to loot me and a passers-by came to rescue me.
2. I will do every possible effort to help him.
3rd question would be discussed by you at Home.

     Chapter :3 (The Evil Idea)

Part A - Think and Answer 
1. They were going to another village to find jobs.
2. They promised to return to the same shady tree.
3. Pranit found a bag full of gold coins.
4. Amol mixed poison in the food.
5. The bag of gold coins lay near the three dead bodies.
6. Yes.
Part B- Tick the correct answer 
1. to find jobs
2. bag
3. gold coins
4. killed 
5. Evil

Part C- Blanks
1. Pranit
2. evil
3. food 
4. poison 
5. Shyam 
6. poison 

Part D- Understand and Write 
1. Don't be greedy as the greed always ruins.
2. Yes, in news.

Part E- Think and Discuss 
1. Yes , I felt greedy for my favourite dish.
2nd question would be discussed by you at Home. 
Chapter: 4(The Wise Hemchandra)

Part A : Think and Answer 
1. Hemchandra was a Jain monk.
2. Because Hemchandra was wise and good friend of the king.
3. The king listened to Hemchandra's advice and acted on them. So, they were jealous of Hemchandra. 
4. They told the king to invite Hemchandra to the Shiva temple and order him to bow before the idol.
5. Hemchandra bowed to the idol gladly.

Part B- Blanks
1. Jain
2. friend 
3. King 
4. Shiva's
5. jealous 

Part C- Think and Discuss 
This part would be discussed by you at Home.
Chapter :5 (Be Punctual)

Part A - Think and Answer 
1. No one liked Amit's impunctual behaviour. 
2. Amit's mother wanted to teach him a lesson so that he could become punctual .
3. Amit was excited because his coach was going to select the junior cricket team in the school the next day.
4. He told her confidently that he had set the alarm. But he woke up an hour late.
5. He was not selected for the team because he got late for the school.

Part B- Blanks
1. a well- behaved
2. sports and studies
3. punctual 
4. the morning 
5. late
6. rang
7. realized

Part C - Understand and Write 
1. School, Workplace 
2.  In catching  school bus, 
     In attending a function 

Part D- Think and Discuss 
 This part would be discussed by you at home.


Class 5 Maths Chapter 13

Ex 13.1,13.2,13.3(Q1to6),13.4,13.5,13.6,13.7
Q1 Define line,line segment&ray. 
 Line-a line has no end point.  
Line segment —It has two end points. 
Ray- it has one end point
Q1Fill in.   
1. One
2 definite
3 no
4 indefinite
5 ray,line,line segment,line,line
Q2. Draw each.  
Exercise. 13.2
Q1which are line segments. 
Q2.Name the line segments. 
a xy
Q3 How many line segments. 
a 4
c 3
d 7
Exercise 13.3

Q1. Try your serf
Q2AB andCD are the same.  Both equal to 5.4cm
Q3  DE=4cm
Q5. 10cm
Q6 a 8.6cm=86mm
      b. 4.7cm=47mm
      d 25.8cm=258mm
Ex. 13.4
Which of following represent an angle. 
Ans.    b,d
Q2. Name the vertex and arms.  
a. Vertex=B
b.  Vertex=L
c. Vertex=Q
d. Vertex=S
Q3 Name all the angles. 
 a  angleRPQ,QPS,SPT,TPR,
b angles are-ROP,ROQ,POQ
Q4. Do your self
Q5  a   P,Q
b. X,Y,V,Z,U
c.  A,B,C
Exercise 13.5
Find the degree measures of these angles.  
a.  180degree,50degree 120degree,90degree,70degree
Q2.   a obtuse angle(greater then 90 )
         b acute angle(smaller then 90)
         c acute angle
         d obtuse angle
         e. Obtuse
Q3.   Do yourself
Q4.  Straight angle=180 degree
Exercise 13.6
a.   First is greater
b.   First is greater
c. First is greater
d. Equal
Define.   Collinear points and non collinear points.  
Collinear points—points lie in the same plane. 
Non collinear points—-points that does not lie in the same plane. 
Q1. a.  Collinear
       b.  Non collinear
Define triangle—triangle is a closed figure having three line segments. 
Q2.  a. PQ,RP,QR
          b. angle p,Q,R
           c. P,Q,R

Class 5 Gen. Sc  Simple Machines, Lesson No.11

1Q. Tick the correct answer. 






2Q.Write true or false.






3Q.Fill in the blanks.

a.inclined plane





4Q.Answer the following questions briefly.

a.  A lever is a rigid road that can move freely around a fixed point.

  A lever consist of three parts;

     1.Fulcrum(F)  -It is a fixed point  around which the lever moves.

     2.Load(L)-It is  the object on which work is to be performed.

     3.Effort(E) -It is the force that has to be ap

plied on the rod to perform a task.

 b. Six types of simple machines and their examples are:


    2.Inclined plane-Ramp



    5.Pulley-Draws curtains

    6.Wheel and Axle-Car steering. 

 c. A fixed pulley is fixed on a support with a rope passing over it whereas in a moveable pulley weight is supported by more than one pulley.. 

 D. Two inclined plains that meet at a sharp edge in the shape of a "V".  

It is use to split or cut the things

 E. Screw driver is wheel and axle type of simple machine.The handle of screw driver behaves like an axle as the handle is turned, the road moves through a small distance but with a greater force.. 

 F. Simple machine use a single force to overcome a single load   whereas  complex  machine consist of two or more simple machines working together.

 G.1 By increasing the amount of force applied.

   2 By changing the direction of force applied. 

  3 By increasing the speed of doing work. 

Hot Ans1 Inclined plane. 

       Ans 2.Inclined plane. 

 Ex.... On page number 77.................


2.Washing Machine. 




 Draw the diagrams...... 

Photosynthesis .on page number 53  chapter-  7.

Write the flowchart of food chain  on page number 55.

 Class-5 General science. Chapter no-7

 Interdependence In Living Beings, Plants and Animals.

1. Tickets the correct answer. 
a. Carbon dioxide
b.  Herbivores
c.  Green plants
d.   Sun
e.   Decomposers

2.Give two examples of each. 
a. Herbivores- Cow, Deer
b. Carnivores-  Lion, Tiger
c. Omnivores-  Dog, crow
d. Scavengers-Vulture, Hyena
e. Decomposers-Bacteria, Fungi

3. Write True Or False. 
1.  True 2.  False  3. False 4.True
 5. True. 

4Answer the following  questions. 
a. Ans- producers: - Green plants are producers as they prepare their own food. 
Consumers: - Animals and humans are consumers  that depend on plants for their food
b Ans. The chain in which their is flow of energy from producer to  decomposers . 
For eg- plants-> deer->lion->fungi.
c Ans. If all the carnivores are removed from food chain, the population of herbivores will
increase.  This will result in decrease in number of plants on the earth and shortage of food. 
d Ans.    1 Cutting down of trees. 
             2 Forest fire. 
             3  Hunting  of animals. 
 e Ans. Animals depend upon plants for food and oxygen while plants depend on animals for carbon dioxide, seed dispersal and pollination. 
Ans1.  This results in an imbalance in  nature. 
Ans2. Plants->deer->lion.


1.Reading newspaper is a good habit.It is the inportant part of modern civilization.Today,morning starts with a newspaper and ends with a newspaper.

2.It is the printed media that keep us informed about the day to day affairs of the world.Newspaper plays a vital role in man's life.

3. The primary object of the newspaper is to supply news and help us to be informed about the current events. It makes us aware of what's happening in the world we live.

4. A newspaper act as an important medium to control corruption and scams.It is a mode of mass communication. It is bridge between the public and the government. It is helpful in creating social awareness. So,it plays an essential role in our day to day life.


 Letter to a friend who is very sick and being treated in a hospital

36-B Model Town


April 17,2020

Dear Samar

         I am in shock to hear that you are suffering from high fever for several days and have been lying in the hospital.

Fever is very common these days.I think your fever is due to changing weather.I hope you will get well soon.I pray to God for your quick recovery.

Get well soon

Yours sincerely




The Principal

Little Flower Convent School


Dear Sr.

             With due respect, I beg to say that today I have an urgent piece of work at home. So due to that urgency I cannot come to school. Kindly grant me leave for one day.I shall be very thankul to you.

Your's faithfully



Roll No.______

Date    April 17,2020


English  Dictation words and other works class 5

WRITE: 1 anxiously 2 upstairs 3ertainly 4 orphanage 5 wounded 6 blameless 7 strength 8 innocent 9. Intelligence 10 appreciation 11adventure 12 messenger 13 apprehensive 14courtiers 15 prestige 16 accompanied 17 instructions 18 disguised 19  approaching 20 immediately 21 definitely 22 received 23 treasury 24 showered 25 rewarded 26 triumph 27desolate 28 scorched 29 punished 30 surprised                                                  . .........                                                             


Ex A Tick the  correct

 1 physician

2 Jail

3 conversation

4 Confussion

5 personality


Ex  B Fill the blanks

 1 anxiously

2 rob

3 inquire


5 gaze

6 rudely

7 survive

8 startled

Ex c Make construction.......

1 couldn't 

2 they'd

3 can't

4 won't

5 haven't

6 its

7 didn't

 Lesson -2

Fill the blanks ex-a

1 pepper

2 paper

3 low

4 sound

5 forth

6 parcel

7 night

8 butter

9 wide

10 bounds

11 soul

12 order

13 nail

14 tired


Ex-B  Find the antonyms of the words given in the box in this word search

1 confidence -unsure

2 appreciate -criticize

3 humorous-serious

4 fortunate-unlucky

5 careful-careles

6 free_captive

7 energetic-lazy



English grammar.                    Ch - 4



Write the contracted form of the words given in the brackets

1 amn't


3 aren't

4 don't

5 won't

B. Change the following sentence into negative sentence

1 He has no sister.

2 they have no spacious house.

3 he had no office in Mumbai.

4 she is not a doctor.

5 I am not a student.

6 They are not rich people .

7 Shedoes not speak Spanish fluently.

8 We did not eat fresh fruit.

9 My friends may not come today.

10 she did not ring the bell.


Learners drill

Write the sentence in correct way

1 I do not live in a city.

2 They do not drink coffee.

3 She does not cook well.

4 She does not have a pet.

5 He does not like milk.

6 She cannot read French.

7 He does not like pizza.

8 The do not swim every morning.


Exercise-a.            Ch5


change following sentences in interrogative sentences

1 Is he a renowned painter?

2 Are they famous sports persons?

3 Was William Wordsworth a great poet?

4 Did he give her a piece of advice?

5 Did the train depart very late?

6 Was he suffering from diabetes?

7 Have the girls gone to their homes?

8 Is this her sweater?

9 Did her elder brother come yesterday?

10 Are  they are at home?




Complete the following sentences  with question words

1 Whose








9 Who

10How much


Learners drill

 C write the questions

 1Where does he live?

 2How much you read?

 3How does he cook?

4When does she take her dog for a walk?

5 Can she read English?

6 What does he like?

7 What do you like ?

8 What do they play everyday?




 Read the following sentence having...... Are common,...........................

1 proper

2 abstract

3 collective

4 proper

5 material

6 collective

7 collective

8 abstract

9 abstract

10 proper

 Exercise B

 1 actor

2 nurse

3 mason

4 scientist

5 physician

6 tailor

7 advocate

8 writer

9 surgeon

10 umpire



 Select abstract noun

1 beauty

2 compassion

3 defeat

4 defence

5 advice

6 success

 Exercise D

 Fill in the blanks

 1 a flock of sheep

2 a pride of lion

3 a flock of birds

4 a School of fish

5 a Swarm of bees

6 an army of soldiers

7 a team of players

8 a litter of  dogs

9 a bundle of sticks

10 a bouquet of flowers

11 a bunch of bananas

12 a fleet of ships

 Ch-7  Exercise-A

Write the plural form:

1.   Sheep                                                        

2 faces

3 sandwiches

4 atlases

 5 stories

6 jerseys

7 cafes

8 loaves

9 dear

10 hippos

11 rhinos

12 echoes

13 tornadoes

14 geese


16 men

17 cantos

18 oxen

19 bison

20 children

21 mice

22 cliffs

23 bones

24 monkeys

25 scarves

26 trolleys

27 dresses

28 brushes

29 proofs

30 balloons



fill in the blanks by using correct singular or plural words with thv e help off list:-


1 news

2 scissors

3 fish

4 lice

5 mouse

6 oxen

7 teeth

8 furniture

9 ratio

10 zero


use singular form of nouns given in colour in the following sentence make other..


1 This writer has writer written one book

 2 Man's life is short.

   3 The student is writing in his notebook.

  4 The child has a balloon and a toy.

  5 The opening batsman scored century.


Class5   Maths  Exercise-8.1

Q3. First ten natural numbers are=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10


           Exercise 8.2

Q3 Length of four ribbon=38,36,34,40


Q4. Average=450/15=30

b. 6

c. 8

Q5.  70km in3 hours

     120km in2hours




Q8 Avg=486/3=162


Class 5 Maths Chapter 2 Ex 2.1 2.3 2.4

Ex 2.1(Q1&2)

Q1. Add the following

a.  657820+432998=1090818

b. 10028140 +3821680=1349820

c. 123456789+276543218=400000007

d. 4321564+28432116=32753680

e  452803+375859+410025=1238687

f.  243547+348483+647285=1239315

g. 888888+88888+8888+888=987552

Q2 Find the sum. 

a 5687124+6510732=12197856

b. 76767676+67676767=144444443

Remaining do yourself. 

Exercise 2.3 (Q1&2)




Q2 Find the diff. 


b 777787987-85330415=692457572

c 1541175206-387589406=1153585800

Next do yourself

Ex 2.4(1to5)

1 population in 2002=34543379   in2005=57067433

Increase=57067433 -34543379=22524054

Q2 students in class(1to5)=17325718



Q3 Distance of sun from earth


Mars and earth=76800000

Sun is farther from earth


Q4 what should be sub.  


Q5 diff of two nos=51737439

Greater no=51737439

Smaller no


Maths. Class 5. Ex 2.7. (Q1-5)

Q1 One bag contains wheat=95kg

      31685 bags contain         =31685 x 95=12510075kg


Q2 The cost of a car=₹78540x830=₹65188200Q


Q3cost of a cylinder=₹ 1225

      Cost of 3575 cylinders=3575x1225=₹4379375


Q4. One cartoon can hold=144 apples

   5785 cartoon can hold=5785x144=833040


Q5. In one hour a train covers distance=210km

In two days(two days=48hours)

So in two days=210x48=10080km

 Ex 2.9, 8.1 and 8.2

 Q1.  In a year factory produced clothes=71656666

    In 293days factory produced=71656666 /293=244562


 Q2.  144 pencilscan be packed in=one box

    179136 pencils can be packed=179136 /144=1244 boxes


Q3. Cost of 145 tables =126875

Cost of one table=126875 /145=₹875


Q4.  Total water=1058400 lit

Engine pumps out water in one min=1470 lit

         Time taken=1058400 /1470=

                 Exercise 8.1

        Average=sum of quantities/ No of quantities

    Q1. (a).   80+90 /2=170/2=85

           b.   3+5+7+6+4 /5=25/5=5Q

            c.   25+31+34 /3=90 /3=30

           d 17+15+18+20+15=85/5=17

          e 13.5+14+13+15.50=56/4=14


Q2. 19+21+23+25+27/5=115/5=23Q                                    





Ans 1 :- Human evolution deals with the origin of human beings. All humans belong to the same species. The biological name for human or man is homo.


Ans 2 :- The ice age is period of time when much of earth’s water is frozen in glaciers.


Ans 3 :- Apes and man are close relatives and are primates. Their basic structure is the same.


Ans 4 :- Human evolution has undergone five main stages-

1.   Australopithecus

2.   Homo habilis

3.   Homo erectus

4.   Homo Neanderthal

5.   Homo sapiens.


Ans 5 :- The fossile tell us about the evidence of early humans.


Fillips :-  1. Homo

2. Apes

3. Hominids

4. Fossils

5. caves


True/ false-









Chapter – 5 Our constitution

Ans 1:- When India became independent in 1947, the leaders of independent India had to form a government. For this purpose  a constituent assembly was setup.


Ans 2 :- The Indian constitution is the longest written constitution in the world. It defines the structure, procedures, powers and duties of the government. It also states the rights and duties of the citizen.


Ans 3 :- Fundamental Rights –

1.   Right to equality

2.   Right to freedom

3.   Right against exploitation

4.   Cultural and educational rights

5.   Right to freedom of religion

6.   Right to constitutional remedies

7.   Right to education


Ans 4 :- Fundamental duties-

1.   We must respect constitution and obey the laws of our country.

2.   We must respect our national flag and national anthem.

3.   We must safeguard public property and not damage it.

4.   We must protect and preserve our environment.


Ans 5 :- Directive principles of state policy :-

1.   The government should promote the welfare of the people.

2.   The government should create equal work opportunities for both men and women.

3.   The government should try to remove economic instability.

4.   The government should create provision for free and compulsory education for children.

5.   Prevention of child abuse and exploitation of workers.


Fill ups :-  1. Constitution

2. Rights, duties

3. written

4. preamble

5. democratic


True/ false



2 false



5. true


Answer in one or two words-


1.   Socialist

2.   Secular

3.   Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar

4.   Minorities

5.   Directive principles



Ans1 : The Indian landmass has a central location between east and west Asia.


Ans2 : The mainland of India extends between latitudes 8°4 to 37°6N and longitudes 68°7 to 97°25E.


Ans3 : The political division of India is 28states with 9 union territories.


Ans4 :physiographic Divisions-: 1. The great Himalayas

                                                  2. The  Northern plains

                                                  3. The Desert region

                                                   4. The southern plateau

                                                   5. The coastal plains

                                                    6. The Island Region

Ans5: The Three sections of northern plains-:1. The punjab plain 2. The Ganga plains 3. The  Brahmputra plains.

Ans6-: It is a tableland which contains igneous rocks. It is broadly divided into two regions- The central highland and Deccan plateau is coverd with black soil.


Ans7:  The coastal plains of India stretch on both side of Deccan plateau.


Ans8: India has two groups of islands – The Lakshadweep island  in Arabian sea and the Nicobar island in the bay of Bengal.


Fill ups:-

1.    Asia

2.    Cancer

3.    Republic

4.    Indus

5.    Thar




1.    Eastern India

2.    Shivalik

3.    Alluvial

4.    Sunderbans

5.    Lakshdweep


Class 5 – Eng . Literature

Reader ch-2 Tenali Meets Babur


1.”OUR EMPEROR-------'

Ans a  :  A messenger said these words to Raja Krishnadevaraya.

Ans b   The name of the emperor was Babur.

Ans c    The listener ordered Tenali to go with the messenger.

Ans d     Tenali replied that he would not let his Majesty down.


2.” YOU ARE ---------------"

Ans a   Emperor Babur said these words to Tenali.

Ans b   They were at a spot by the river Yamuna.

Ansc     The speaker called the person intelligent and wise because he impressed him with his wisdom.

Ans d     The speaker took Tenali to his palace and showered him with gifts.




Ans 1.Krishnadevraya thought that the Mughal Emperor had sent his messenger ti find an excuse to attack his kingdom.

Ans 2 . Babur instructed his courtiers not to laugh at Tenali's jokes otherwise they shall be punished.

Ans 3 . Tenali decided to plant mango sapling near the Yamuna after having survey Babur's route closely.

Ans 4 . Tenali said that the tree will bear fruit only once a year but the emperor rewarded him twice.



1.   Intelligence

2.   Reward

3.   Triumph

4.   Excuse

5.   Humble

6.   Disguised



EXERCISE E ,Circle it


1  perfect              7.  Triumph

2 Defend               8.  arrogant

3 insult                  9.   punished

4 stupid                 10. dislike

5 lose                     11.  Boring

6  needy                 12.  Annoyed





1                   D

2                   E

3                   A

4                   C

5                   B


EXERCISE H circle subject and underline predicate

SUBJECT                                PREDICATE

1 Tenali Raman                   arrived at Babur's court.

2 The old man              accepted the bag of gold from the king.

3 The Himalayan Monal      is the state bird of Uttarakhand.

4 Kokila                            is the best pace bowler in our team.

5 Asad and his mother   love working in the garden.


  Lesson   - THE MONTHS



1.    a.  the poet feels lonely

2.   b.   June





1.     friend

2.     Sun

3.     Late

4.     Crying


1.    as good as gold

2.    as fit as a fiddle

3.    ran like a deer

4.    as cold as ice




1.   Enough                               adj. Of quantity

2.   Less                                     adj. Of quantity

3.   Underground                     adj. Of quality

4.    Twenty nine                      adj. Of number

5.    New                                    adj. Of quality


1.     most famous

2.      fastest

3.     more talented

4.     most beautiful

5.     greener






Class 5 -  COMPUTER

                          CH – 1(EVOLUTION OF COMPUTER)

1.     Tick the correct.

a.      Abacus

b.      Step Reckoner

c.       Charles Babbage

d.      MARK 1

e.      Computer

2.     True and False.

a.      True

b.      False

c.       True

d.      False

e.      True

3.     Write the name of inventors and year of inventions.







John Mauchly & John Presper Eckert







Analytical Engine

Charles Babbage



Step Reckoner

Gottfried von Leibniz



Napier’s Bones

John Napier




John Mauchly & John Presper Eckert




Prof. Howard Aikens




Blaise Pascal



Tabulating Machine

Herman Hollerith



4.     Read the clues and name the machines.

a. Abacus

b. Napier’s Bones

c. Tabulating machine

d. Pascaline

      5. Answer the following questions.

       a. How did the early man count?

      Ans: The early man count with the help of stones, pebbles, sticks, fingers etc. and store information by making marks on walls, pillars etc.

       b. What is Abacus?

     Ans: Abacus was the first calculating device, invented about 5000 years ago by the Chinese. It is used to perform addition and subtraction.

       c. What is Pascaline consist of?

   Ans: It consisted of a box with movable gears that could add, subtract, multiply and divide the numbers.

       d. Write the five key features that Charles Babbage used in his Analytical Engine.

   Ans: The Analytical Engine developed by Charles Babbage had five key features that are input, storage, processor, control unit and an output device.

         e.   What was the use of Herman Hollerith’s Tabulating machine?

    Ans: This Tabulating machine was used in census of the USA. It gave a quick count of the US population.

f.        Write down two characteristics of computer.

    Ans: 1. Speed: The computer allows us to perform many tasks very fast.

             2. Storage Capacity: Computer can store large amount of data and make this data available for processing.


g.      What are the disadvantages of computer? Write any two of them.

Ans: 1. Health issue: The improper use of computer can result in many health issues.

  2. Security Issue: Some people use the computer for negative activities.


1.     Tick the correct answer.

a.      Slide Show

b.      Theme

c.       Highlighted

d.      Esc

2.     True and False.

a.      False

b.      True

c.       True

d.      True

e.      False

3.     Define the following.

a.      Templates- Templates provide a quick way to create a new PowerPoint presentation. It contains layouts, theme colors, fonts etc.

b.      Design Theme- Design theme is build-in design for creating a presentation that includes layout, text and color.

c.       SmartArt- We can use SmartArt Graphics to describe a process or structure.

d.      Table- Table is used to organize data in rows and columns. We can add table in our slide.

e.      Charts- We can create a chart by using an Excel worksheet in PowerPoint.

f.         Shapes- We can use Shapes option to insert various kind of shapes - lines, arrows, star etc.

4.     Fill in the blanks.

a.      Templates

b.      Insert

c.       SmartArt

d.      Apply to all

e.      Backspace




5.     Answer the following questions.

a.      What is PowerPoint? What are its benefits?

Ans: PowerPoint is a presentation program developed by Microsoft. It provide various views and tools to build a presentation that includes words, media etc.

b.      Why do we use Templates in Presentation?

Ans: Templates provide a quick way to create a new PowerPoint presentation. It contain layouts, theme colors, fonts etc.

c.       How will you select a word, a sentence, a point and any part of text?

Ans: 1. To select a word- Double-click on the word.

     2. To select a sentence- Click three times quickly on the sentence.

     3. To select a point- Click on the bullet (.) beside the point.

     4. To select any part of text- Position the mouse pointer over the first word and drag over the text.

d. How will you enhance the look of a presentation?

Ans: We can use various text formatting tools in PowerPoint to enhance the look of selected text in the presentation.

             e. What is Slide Show?

 Ans: A slide layout determines the placement of all the items such as title, graphics or text boxes that make up our slide.

f.        Differentiate between adding a Clip Art and a Picture.

Ans: Adding a Clip Art- A Clip Art is the built-in image in PowerPoint gallery that make our presentation more interesting.

  Adding a Picture- A picture stored on our computer can also be added to the slide in our presentation.

g.      Name the four ways in which we can change the background of the slide.

Ans:  We can change the background of the slide in these four ways- Adding Solid color, Gradient, Texture or Custom Image in background.


   h.      Differentiate between applying a theme and using a background of the slide.


                 Applying a theme

           Using a background

When we applying a theme, it change the color of the background and all the geometric shapes.

When we format the background, it changes the color of background not the geometric shapes.


g.      What is a slide show? How can you use it?

Ans: A PowerPoint presentation is also called Slide Show. We can run a slide show of our presentation on the computer screen.


5th Novel ch 1 and 2

                Ch 1 The Man-cub

A. 1       d 2        c 3        e 4         a 5          b Ques answers Exercise A Ans 1. Mowgli pushed his way in beside the other cubs and ate with them because he was lost in the jungle and was very hungry. Ans 2.Laws are some kind of rules made for the betterment and safety of the society.We should have them to live a better life. Ans 3.My favourite wild animal is elephant because it has a big body with a long trunk.I also enjoy its ride.                      EXERCISE B Extracts 1.Father Wolf was not happy because Shere Khan was asking for man's cub and it was against the law of jungle. 2.Father Wolf showed a great concern towards the baby and put him softly next to his own cubs. 3.Shere Khan was well aware of the anger of mother wolf,so he backed out of the cave still hungry and growling.             Language practice pg 71 Ex II   1.Who are you?            2.He is little yet brave.            3.He can join the pack.            4.He looked around the circle of the wolves. EXIII    1.surprised             2.hungry             3.grey             4.sleepy             5 clever


                      Ch 2  Lessons in the jungle True/false 1 tick 2 tick 3 cross

4 cross 5 cross 6 tick Ques/ answers EXERCISE A Ans 1.Baloo and Bagheera were worried because the monkeys were a trouble and they did not follow the law of jungle. Ans2.No,one teacher can't be the master of all subjects.Moreover students will also get bored with single teacher. Ans 3.I like learning English the most because it is my favourite subject.It provides  us many stories to read and enjoy.                 EXERCISE B EXTRACTS 1. He went down to the hillside to watch the villagers as they looked like him. 2. Mowgli was not a wolf ,so he must learn all the laws of the jungle to survive. 3.Baloo wants to say that jungle is full of wild animals that's why he taught him all those things and also punish him when he forgets.                      LANGUAGE PRACTICE  1 1.snake               4.growl 2.wolf                  5 panther 3monkey


II 1.naughty    2.kind    3.unhappy    4.worried    5.quiet    6.serious    7.perfect    8 tired III  MATCH 1 f 2 d 3 E 4 C 5 A 6 B


Class - 5   Maths

Ex 1.1

a 32,54,46,575

b 90,00,37,636

c. 8,47,17,238

d. 18,88,47,646

2. Write the following in words. 

a. Twenty one crore forty seven lakh eight thousand three hundred seventy five

b seven crore forty five lakh sixty seven thousand seven hundred forty nine

c. Eighteen crore forty four lakh twenty eight thousand forty eight

d. Forty one crore thirty four lakh seven

3. Write in figure

a 9,70,16,050


c. 5,08,00,004

d 82,19,516



a. Forty three lakh eighty five thousandthree hundred forty seven

b three lakh eighty four thousand nine hundred

c. Seventy seven lakh eighty seven thousand eight hundred

d. Seventeen crore forty three lakh twenty seven thousand five hundred ninety six

e. Eighty two crore fourteen lakh sixty thousand six hundred forty eight

f. Seventy eight crore ninety five lakh seventeen thousand six hundred forty  eight

g. Eight crore fifty eight lakh thirty thousand seven hundred figty

h  four crore ninety five lakh fifty five thousand seven hundred twenty one

i. Forty nine crore forty five thousand seven hundred nine

Q3.    Population of up in1981 was.     

Indian system

Eleven crore eight lakh sixty two thousand thirteen

Q4. The aera of a country is 


Q5. Place value

a. Place value.    5crore

b. Place value.    3 ten crore

c. Place value.     6lakh

d. Place value.     7lakh

e. Place value.    6lakh

f.  Place value.    8ones

Q7.  Compact form 

a. 4,56,87,548

b.  38,70,00,005

c. 60,40,80,805

d. 78,00,80,007

e. 9,00,98,808

f. 77,00,60,006

Q8.  Greatest 7 digit.   9999999

Q9.  Smallest9 digit.   100000000

Q10. Smallest8 digit.  10000000

Q11. Greatest5 digit.   99999

Q12.  Smallest 8 digit. 10000000

Q13. Greatest 8 digit.  99999999

Q 14. Write the successor. 

It means add 1

a 596070509+1=596070510

b. 7326577

c 87939500 

d. 849627290

e 737457510

f. 412749000

g. 81466480

Q15  write predecessor(subtract one)

a 413429600-1=413429599

b  294952269

c 72484779

d. 48466433

e. 184772591

f   644636411

g. 69999999

Q 16 Counting by twos.  

6009998 to 6010002


Q17. Counting by hundreds


Q 18. Counting by lakhs


Q. 20. a.  Place value of 4=4000000

                   Place value of4=40


Q 21. Place value of3=300000000

           Place value of3=300

         Product of these two place values=30000000000


Q1. Insert<,>,=

a. <

b >

c  <

d. >

e >

f  >

g =

h >

i. <

Q 2. Arrange the following number in ascending order 

a. 2103346<6105304<31724436<310344646>848888888

b. 5453<1888688<7874747<445633148<914644764

c.  97345<597248<2931245<7597300

d. 714315<8132428<467485924<568496835

e 13548<654428>1213424<538121412<638481812

Q1. Insert<,>,=

a. <

b >

c  <

d. >

e >

f  >

g =

h >

i. <

Q 2. Arrange the following number in ascending order 

a. 2103346<6105304<31724436<310344646>848888888

b. 5453<1888688<7874747<445633148<914644764

c.  97345<597248<2931245<7597300

d. 714315<8132428<467485924<568496835

e 13548<654428>1213424<538121412<638481812


Write in international system the number name  and numeral.

a. Numeral.   5,823,523

 Number name. Five million eight hundred twenty three thousand five hundred twenty three

b.  Numeral- 24,313,164

 Number name-Twenty four million three hundred thirteen thousand one hundred sixty four

c. Numeral-423,203,863

  Number mame-four hundred twenty three million two hundred three thousand eight hundred sixty three

d. Num- 5,374,525

  Number name-five million three hundred seventy four thousand five hundred twenty five


Arrange in descending order

(Bigger to smaller)

Q4. Write the smaller and greater

      Smaller.             Greater

  102347.                   743210


b 2345568.              76543210



c 10234567

d 30456789


Q5.   Sort out the smaller

a. 366796

b. 748756

c. 4156842

d. 333333333


Ex. 1.4

Write in international system the number name  and numeral.

a. Numeral.   5,823,523

   Number name. Five million eight hundred twenty three thousand five hundred twenty three

b.  Numeral- 24,313,164

      Number name-Twenty four million three hundred thirteen thousand one hundred sixty four

c. Numeral-423,203,863

  Number mame-four hundred twenty three million two hundred three thousand eight hundred sixty three

d. Num- 5,374,525

      Numbername-five million three hundred seventy four thousand five hundred twenty five


Q2.   Write each of the following.   

 a.   Twenty one million three hundred forty five thousand seven hundred twenty seven

  b. Seven hundred sixty eight thousand eight hundred seventy five 

c. Six million seven hundred sixty three thousand eight hundred forty two

d. Eighty four million eight hundred forty eight thousand four hundred eighty four

e.  Seven hundred sixteen million one hundred fifty two thousand two hundred forty eight


Q3. 26,253,144

b. 8,090,404

c. 67,872,639

d. 372,245,928

e. 99,200,445

f. 300,000,009

g. 36,460,500

h. 16,367,200

Q4. Do yourself 

Ex. 2.2(statement sums)


1.  First sea divers found coins=233786


Total coins=4,3561,909

Q 2.  In stadium witnessed were=95384

In tv””””””””””=54484345

Total.    54484345+95384=54579729

Q3.   Population in the year1999=24065698

In year 2000=7535478

Total population. =3,16,01,176

Q4.  In year 2000-01=167658245

2001-02. ——//////——=354532755


Total production=80,09,13,107 screws


Class - 5   G.Science

Lesson no. 6 Solid, Liquid and GassesQ. 1 Tick the Correct answera. Gasb. Breezec. 78% nitrogend. Carbon dioxidee. During the day

2.write true or false. a. False. b. True. c. False. d. True. e. True. f. True. 

3. Fill in the blanks. a. Solidb. Solidc. Liquids. d. Land. e. Moleculesf. Warmg. Insoluble

4. Answer the following questions briefly.Q1. Distinguish between solids, liquids and gases   1.Solids.        They have fixed shape and volume. Molecules are very closely packed. For example book, stone etc. 2.Liquids. They have fixed volume but not fixed shape.Molecules are loosely packed for example milk, oil and water. 3.Gases.They do not have fixed shape    and  volume .Molecules  very loosely packed for example nitrogen, air, oxygen

Q2Ans. 2Air contains 78%of nitrogen, 21% of oxygen and 1%of other gases. Draw the diagram of composition of air   on page 47.

Q3Ans.3The sun heats the land during the day the air above the land also gets heated .Warm air is lighter and rises up. Cool air from the above rushes into to take it's place. Also draw diagram on page. 47.

Q4Ans. 4During the daytime land gets heated faster than the water in the sea. The air above the land gets heated and rises. The cool air from the sea blows towards the land to take the place left by the warm air. Draw the diagram on page no. 48 . Along the answer.....Do the exercise on book and write the question answers on copy along the diagrams. 


Ans- Land breeze- At night the land cools faster than water.

The water is still warm. The air above the water is warm and rises up. The cool air above the land rushes into take its place. 


Draw the diagram from pg no-48. 


Q.6. Write the ans no-6 from the  

        new words on pg no-49. 


Ans.7. Soluble  impurities that get dissolved in water. They

cannot be seen with naked eyes. For example-Germs, Salts. 

Insoluble impurities that do not dissolve in water . They can be seen with naked eyes. For example-Sand, Stones. 



1.Take a filter paper. 

2. Fold it twice to make a cone

out of it. this in a glass funnel. a beaker under the funnel. 

5.Pour some muddy water in the filter paper. 

6.We will observe clear water dripping into the beaker. 

7.The insoluble impurities remain on the filter paper. 




Ans.1. Due to high humidity. 

Ans.2. Yes, I agree with him because pain and happiness 

are feelings.

                                          CLASS-5TH : S.S.T.

                      CHAPTER-9,INDIA-LOCATION & EXTENT


Ans1 : The Indian landmass has a central location between east and west Asia.


Ans2 : The mainland of India extends between latitudes 8°4 to 37°6N and longitudes 68°7 to 97°25E.

 Ans3 : The political division of India is 28states with 9 union territories.

 Ans4 :physiographic Divisions-: 1. The great Himalayas

 2. The Northern plains

 3. The Desert region

 4. The southern plateau

 5. The coastal plains

 6. The Island Region

Ans5: The Three sections of northern plains-:1. The punjab plain 2. The Ganga plains 3. The Brahmputra plains.

Ans6-: It is a tableland which contains igneous rocks. It is broadly divided into two regions- The central highland and Deccan plateau is coverd with black soil.

 Ans7: The coastal plains of India stretch on both side of Deccan plateau.

 Ans8: India has two groups of islands – The Lakshadweep island in Arabian sea and the Nicobar island in the bay of Bengal.


Fill ups:-

1. Asia

2. Cancer

3. Republic

4. Indus

5. Thar


 1. Eastern India

2. Shivalik

3. Alluvial

4. Sunderbans

5. Lakshdweep


Chapter- 13


 Ans1 : The natural surroundings of a person or thing is called environment. The different components of the environment :-

1. Natural environment

2. Human environment

3. Human made environment

 Ans2 : 1. Biotic factors:- Biotic factors are all the living things in an ecosystem such as plants and animals.

2. Abiotic factors:- Abiotic factors are the non living parts of the environment. Abiotic factors include water, sunlight, oxygen, soil and temperature.

 Ans3 : Living organisms interact with the sun,soil, water, air and each other in a specific area is called an ecosystem.

 Ans4 : Ozone depletion cause skin cancer, global warming and it is also harmful for plants and animal.

 Ans5 : Natural process between the sun, the atmosphere and the earth is called the greenhouse effect.


Fill ups:-

1. Environment

2. Biotic , Abiotic

3. Living

4. Abiotic

5. Support


Chapter – 18

 Our Industries

Ans1 : Industries play an important role in growth of a country . Industries relate to the production of goods and services with an economy.


Ans2: The different types of industries are :-

1. Cottage industry

2. Small scale industries

3. Large scale industries


Ans3 : Cottage industries are very small industries where the production of goods takes place in house of labourers and the work force includes the members of the family. They are mainly popular in rural India.


Ans4 : Small scale industries are run by an individual or in partnership . They run on a small budget. The technology used in the production of goods is also limited. For example- silk weaving, furniture making etc.


Ans5 : The characteristics of large scale industries are -:

1 These are industries that produce goods on a large scale even to foreign market.

2 They use heavy machinery and latest technology.

3 A large amount of money is invested in large scale industries.


Ans6 : Some of the large scale industries are:-

1. Iron and steel industry

2. Sugar industry

3. Cotton textile industry

4. Cement industry

5. Railway equipment

6. Information technology




1. Finished

2. Cottage

3. Partnership

4. Factories, industrial

5. Sugarcane


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